Creating A Work Space You Love

Whether it’s a cubicle or a full office, the place you work should not only be a reflection of your personal style, but a space you love to be in. Here are my tried and true tips for creating a working space all your own.

Make it a point to decorate

I put off decorating my own office until I literally could not stand staring at a blank wall any longer. By the time I actually got around to decorating weeks had passed, and once it was all said and done, I wished I had done it sooner! Make an effort to starting picking out items within the first week of moving in to a new space.

Find a unique piece

In a world of Hobby Lobby, Target and Pier 1 imports, its important to find a unique statement (or 2!) piece all your own. Mine is a vintage map of the Caribbean, where I’ve traveled to on multiple service trips. Thrift shops and Etsy are great options for finding that one of a kind item that will really make a space yours.

Decide on a feeling

Working full time can be many things. Exciting, stressful, energizing etc. For me it was important that my work space is a place that calms me. With a cream, navy and blush pink color scheme, plenty of scripture quotes and photos of family and friends I was able to create a place that relaxes me. Decide on a mood you want to invoke in your space and run with it.

Create a space for others

Even as a self-professed introvert, I love my coworkers and want to create a space for them to enjoy as well. A few chairs, a soft blanket and plenty of tea bags with extra mugs ensure I have a space everyone feels comfortable and welcome in.