Staying grateful and grounded in the midst of change

One of the hardest parts of a season of change can be keeping a positive attitude. Whether its adjusting to life at a new school long after the excitement of orientation has worn off, searching for a new job or coming to the end of an important relationship- change can be fertile soil for negativity to grow.

And why shouldn’t it be? It’s easy to wish for the old back. The old friends, the old romantic partner, the old home. Dwelling on a comfortable past can lead to depression and anxiety when looking towards an unknown future. But I really believe there are tangible steps that you can take towards maintaining a positive outlook.

Practicing gratitude is the biggest way I try to keep things in perspective. Even when nothing seems to go right, I still have the support of the most incredible family and friends. I always have the love of a Savior. On the worst days I always have those things. But it’s important to realize there are small moments in the every day to be grateful for too.

Gratitude for the small things looks like being thankful for a deep conversation with coworkers. It looks like being excited about the chance to wear a new pair of rain boots, or getting to cuddle up with a loved blanket. Its a favorite song on the radio at just the right moment or a friend who grabs your Starbucks drink by surprise.

Life is full of little moments that we just need to keep our eyes open for. These small moments of gratitude can be an anchor in a world where nothing seems to go our way. Be intentional about recognizing these moments either by writing them in a journal or planner, or even on a list in your phone. The key is to having them in a place you can easily refer back to on gloomy days. You’d be amazed at just how bright the silver lining can be when you know how to look for it.